Helping You Achieve Your Long-Term Objectives

At Our Albany Law Firm, Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Your Long-term Objectives Through Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning And Charitable Planning.

When Planning For The Future, Communication Is Key

When attorney Patricia J. Shevy(Tricia) founded our Albany law office, The Shevy Law Firm, LLC, she made communication, approachability and affordability the cornerstones of her practice. Today, those cornerstones remain, and they guide all of our interactions with our clients.

Whether you need our assistance to protect an elderly family member, to secure your own future or the futures of your loved ones, to administer an estate or trust, or to ensure the continued success of your business or charity, you can rely to our law firm for the help you need. By calling 518-456-6705 or emailing us, you can discover why so many people put their trust in our law firm.

Protect Your Assets And Your Loved Ones With Estate Planning

Estate planning is no longer simply about creating a Will. Today, building a comprehensive estate plan requires careful consideration and detailed analysis. With the help of our legal team, you can build a plan that will protect you during your golden years, while also protecting your loved ones from unnecessary burdens, both emotional and financial, after your passing.

Ensuring Your And Your Family’s Quality Of Life

Our elder law practice is multi-faceted. First, we can help with your Medicaid nursing home eligibility by providing representation, assembling the application and coordinating with the local Department of Social Services to ensure proper care and resources. Second, we can help you prepare for your own future or an elderly family member’s later years by assisting with Medicaid planning. Regardless of your need, we will guide you and provide the support your individual situation requires.

The Shevy Law Firm, LLC Team Members

Our Practice Areas

Dedicated To Protecting Your Assets

We will work to protect your assets for you and your family.

Building Complete Estate Plans

We offer comprehensive estate planning and administration services at our Albany firm.

Protection During The Golden Years

Protection is the goal of our elder law practice.